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Both Dave and I have been rather surprised at the extremely gendered and old school point of view of magazines and books we’ve reviewed on pregnancy and child rearing. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now. This is from a book I received from my doctor’s office: Pregnancy Book by William G. Birch, MD, LLD (Budlong Press). The first time it was published was 1963, and by reading it, you begin to think that we’re living in some kind of time warp.

Here are my favorite parts:

“When you’re at the ironing board or the kitchen counter bend your knees every little while and lean forward at the hips for a few minutes. This simple exercise is excellent for relieving backaches.”

Ummm…not, say, while you’re standing over your drafting table? Or perhaps doing research in the library? Oh yes! I’ll do that while I’m ironing or making dinner, as any good woman should! The funniest part about that is how I never iron anything…ever…as anyone as my workplace can attest to.

This one is good too:

(From Chapter 9: Your Appearance)

“This is a good time to experiment with new hair styles…perhaps your face is fuller and your pre-pregnancy style can be redesigned to be more flattering. Long hair becomes thin and straggly may look better worn shorter and higher on the head.”

Could this book talk down to me any more? Fashion advice? Now really, Dr. Birch! I say…women have way too much self-esteem these days! Let’s take ‘em down a notch when they’re already feeling fat and uncomfortable. Let’s tell them their hair is ugly and needs to be changed. Grrrrr….

And of course: “The Fatherhood” Chapter is four pages long. The chapter on “Your Appearance” with such wonderful advice on hairstyles? That gets at least eight pages!
And the chapter focuses mostly on how the sexual relationship may change. Because that’s really the most important factor of all!


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But what have the precious books said about the proper feeding tube for your baby, should it fall ill? Pope style? The Congressionally required model?

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