once again

taking up the slack, Anna writes:

This Friday marks the beginning of Month 5 and none of my pants fit anymore. You see, I had this mistaken belief that all weight gained would be in my stomach alone. That essentially, I'd look the same but with a gigantic basketball-like protrusion attached. The thing is, everything else gets a little bigger too. Namely, my ass.

I managed to make it through South By Southwest this weekend...though I confess that I never went to a
1 am show. There were some good times and some real low points and I certainly have plenty to write about. Obviously, I would have taken the assignment had I known at the time what my situation was. But it really wasn't that bad except for my feet hurting and the fact that it was cold and, as stated before, I have no pants.

We have a doctor's appointment next week, then we are supposed to find out the sex of the baby on April 13th (not a Friday, thank you).

I am still very thankful that I do not feel sick or seem to have any other problems. The extra weight is a little uncomfortable but nothing to complain about certainly. Now that SXSW is over, the race is on the research baby items like high chairs and car seats and register.


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