Jelly Beans and Chocolate Bunny Ears

While I was at the Highland Mall today (and let's not get all self righteous with me here, ok? None of my clothes fit me and I can't spend very much $$$ on replacements...so I gotta do what I gotta do...) in the shoe department, someone came over the loudspeaker to page The Easter Bunny. "The Easter Bunny is needed in the Juniors Department."

Don't know if anyone else in Austin got to experience the golf ball sized hail and tornado-like storm last night that scared the crap out of me (and Polly). Our brand new garden was thoroughly smooshed and the yard is a huge mess. The power was out from about 10pm to 4am. Usually I am pretty good in situations like that, but at one point, it was just so loud, I was fairly terrified. Trees in our backyard have a habit or dropping giantic limbs on a frequent basis and I was sure one was going to come crashing through the bedroom. Alas, nothing of the sort occured. I just like to play out worse case scenarios and develop a plan. Kinda like how I would predict all the questions in my Rolling Stone interview and how I'd answer them...

Still no sign of the baby...oh, it's in there all right...but I can't feel it yet. This is supposed to be the point at which you can feel it start to poke and kick you. I'm sure I will have had my fill after a while, but I am anxious for it now.


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