A Nice Autumn Day

IMG_4480, originally uploaded by silverzephyr.

Underneath a tree.


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I hope there aren't spiders in these leaves.

It Ain't Fall...

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unless there's a leaf pile to jump in...


At The Pumpkin Patch

This weekend, we headed to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm for their pumpkin festival. The Reluctant Cowboy from July became a thing of the past as Frankie eagerly ran up to the ponies and asked to ride. He held on tight and maintained and expression of awe and delight the entire time. He led us through a haystack maze and thoroughly enjoyed painting a pumpkin. We all felt sorry for the kids whose parents wouldn't let them get "messy" or worse yet, made them use markers on the pumpkins because it was cleaner. Frankly, that seemed like child abuse. Unfortunately, the pumpkin patch was not available this year due to the torrential rains of early summer, but we barely noticed. We ended the day with a hay ride where we saw "baby Christmas trees".






Dada's First Birthday

At least that's what Frankie would have you believe. According to him, Dada is one year old and Frankie is 38.


Last weekend, we celebrated Frankie’s Dada’s birthday in Seabrook with Aunt Kristin, MawMaw JuJu and PawPaw Frank. Frankie has developed a new appreciation for the Kemah boardwalk. After a nice dinner at Dave’s favorite childhood restaurant, The Flying Dutchman, Frankie was too tired to do anything but stare. But we returned the next day, and he rode the carousel with Aunt Kristin three times, took a train ride and fed the fish and ducks.