Frankie On Nukoli'i Beach

Chicken Chasing

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There are wild chickens everywhere on the island and chicken chasing is one of Frankie's favorite past times.

Move Over Cute Overload...

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We're staying on lagoon filled with ducks, chickens, geese and black swans.

Beach In Front of Kauai Beach Villas

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Where we are staying...

Greetings From Hawaii!!!

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After a grueling trip last Friday, we finally made it safe and sound. Here is Frankie's first day on the beach. Needless to say, he loved it. We spent quite a lot of time creating mock t-ball stands and using pieces of driftwood as "baseball bats". Grandpa and Frankie tried to catch fish in the stream that runs from the woods into the ocean near the condo. We are staying in Kapa'a, which is centrally located on eastern shore of Kauai.


Sometimes In The Morning...

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it's *too* quiet. That's when you know something funny is going on. Frankie gets caught in the act trying to put on my shiny new red shoes.


New Ball Store!

For Frankie, everything in life revolves around balls. He sees with “Eyeballs!!!”, a phrase always joyfully spoken with multiple exclamation points as he practically gouges out his own with his fingers. He wants food shaped into or from a “ball”, demanding blackberries, cherry tomatoes or anything sliced into circles. His teacher, Kerstin, says “I’ve know kids who really like balls, but Frankie has an obsession!” When leaving school he turns and says “Bye Bye Balls!” This past Sunday, Frankie discovered his new favorite place in Austin – Academy Sports. Otherwise know as “New Ball Store”. To put this in perspective, Frankie refers to Terra Toys, the toy store across the street from us, as “Ball Store”. This past Sunday morning, we went to Academy to buy a small tent for our Hawaii trip and as soon as Frankie saw aisle upon aisle of footballs, basketballs, wiffleballs and soccer balls…he shook with excitement. We spent an hour poking, prodding, bouncing and running around the store. For the rest of the day, anytime we got in the car, he asked “New Ball Store?” in the hopes that we would return him to this paradise on earth. The next morning, the first words out of his mouth were, of course, “New Ball Store”? I anticipate we’ll be returning soon.

So chill.

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Until I pull your tail, that is.

Sprinkler Fun

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Of all the water toys money can buy, the simple lawn sprinkler is still tops.


Frankie's New Favorite Food

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Boo Yeah!

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The kid loves some basketball.

Poor Meow

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Frankie decides Malcolm wants to slide.