Frankie's Milestones

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For me, it’s both the little and big things that happen that strike me as “milestones”…or are just generally amusing and impressive. Frankie never ceases to impress me with his razor sharp memory and bargaining techniques. Some recent activities of note:

-Frankie correctly uses the word “dissipate” in a sentence
-Frankie poops by himself on the potty (it doesn’t happen everyday but the fact that it’s happened a few times really impresses me)
-Says “Are You TEASING me?” when you make a joke; makes a joke and then smiles and says, “I’m just TEASING you!”
-Sing “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” in its entirely (even the falsetto parts) for anyone who will listen
-Undying love for balloons and balls continues unabated
-Tells me that when he gets bigger he’ll be able to fly
-Told me the other day that comets are made of gas, dust and ice*
-Points out the planet Venus in the sky. Reminds me that we can see it because “its cloud reflect the light”* (*from a book on the solar system he received for Christmas)
-Bowls a 65 without my help (with bumpers)
-Caught him licking sprinkles off the bottom of his feet
-Frankie humor: “What kind of cracker jacks do birds eat?” “Grackle jacks!”


Anonymous iddaa said...

very nice your blog..

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Frankie is a little older and starts asking questions about "when I was little", he is going to LOVE being able to see and read about himself. I hope this never goes away. For hours and hours when I am missing him so much I can't stand it, I read this blog over and over and go to YouTube to watch him play. Thanks so much. Love, Maw Maw Ju Ju

7:31 AM  

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