I should really be asleep right now

Frankie is asleep beside me, swaddled in a receiving blanket and cradled in a feather pillow that's wedged between my right leg and the arm of the coach. He's just finished a bottle, and if I'm lucky he might sleep for a good two or three hours. Over the past couple of weeks, these blessed chunks of uninterrupted, late-night sleep have become increasingly frequent. They make these rough stretches of time in the wee hours bearable. When Grandpa Frank returned to Houston a couple of weeks ago, Anna and I plotted out a schedule that I thought at the time was ambitious but utterly unattainable. During the week, I run the show from about 10pm until 3am - according to the schedule. I usually clock an hour or two beyond that, but only because I'm afforded the luxury of these extended naps. It's also why I can rarely find time for this blog. I should be asleep right now, and although I started this with the intention of completing a thought or two before falling asleep, I doubt I've got more than a few more coherent words in my head right now. I'll just say this: there is a light in the distance, and the chaos of the first six weeks seems like it might be dissipating. Look forward to more from me as Frankie's sleep schedule allows, and as I look for distractions from work on my dissertation. G'night.


Blogger swamp4me said...

Keep on hanging tough...the time of no sleep doesn't last forever -- it just seems that way :)
My second child only slept in short snatches, never napped for more than 15 minutes, and wanted to nurse every two hours. Weariness became a way of life.

The good news is that you do recover eventually.

2:17 PM  
Blogger MommaS said...

Sleep comes. I know, cold comfort right now. Colton is sleeping thru the night now. 15 months old, but, hey, it's a vast improvement! Just remember your younger days, when you could go on 2 hours and a hot coffee. Then, wonder why you didn't do this when you WERE younger, and COULD go on that coffee. Then, check your hair for gray, drink your double expresso, and realize that LA Law comes on at 3am on A&E!


4:29 AM  
Blogger Silver Zephyr said...

I think we've aged ten years in three months!

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha! jordan sleeps only in short snatches, never naps, and wants a nurse, cook, housekeeper, and/or driver just about every two hours - and she's twelve.

2:32 AM  

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