A brief dispatch from the trenches

My apologies to those of you jonesing for a Frankie fix. Seems like every time I sit down to post an update Frankie decides to crap or cry, and I end up changing a diaper or fixing a bottle or just rocking him until he settles back down. And by then, whatever thought I was trying to finish has come apart, and I'm usually too exhausted to try and piece it back together. It's 10:34am now, and I began this post an hour ago. In between, I fixed his morning bottle before handing him off to Grandpa, changed a diaper, sterilized the bottles and nipples from last night, and started another load of laundry. In half an hour, I need to shower, load Frankie into the car, and head out for another doctor's appointment. So, instead of the post I'd intended to write, you'll have to settle for a preview of coming attractions:

  • Frankie has decided that breastfeeding isn't nearly as satisfying as a bottle, so Anna has been religiously expressing breastmilk for the past couple of weeks. It's taking its toll on her physically and emotionally, and now that she's gone back to work, it looks like Frankie's breastmilk days are numbered. I have a few choice words for the "breast is best" advocates, but that's a subject that requires more than the few minutes I currently have to spare.
  • The doctors Sears (there's a whole brood of 'em) make a persuasive case for "attachment parenting," but do a piss poor job of reconciling the practice with the care and feeding of a premature baby, or the practical demands of working parents. They too need to be taken to task, and that promises to be a very involved post.
  • Did I mention that Anna has gone back to work, or that I've started teaching classes again, or that my advisor is pressuring me to finish (start) my dissertation ASAP? I'm convinced that "post-partum depression" is actually a euphemism for "sleep deprivation," and as much as Anna and I would like to think that we're ready to handle Frankie all by our lonesome, neither of us is looking forward to Grandpa's return to Houston.
I'm sure there's more, but if I don't hop in the shower now, we're not going to make it to the doctor's office by 11:30. I'll be pushing it as is. Wish me luck.


Blogger MommaS said...

1st - Anna has kicked ass expressing for 2 months without Frankie to assist. Formula is portable, (as are bottles), you don't leak, your boobs are your own again, and don't get me started on freedom. Sure, we'd all like to breastfeed forever, but come on, we work. Expressing at work blows. Trust me. I did it. For 7 months. 2nd - Attachment parenting? Are you attached to your child? Is he to you? Enough said. 3rd - My solution to post-partum? Dinner and a movie. Clean shaven legs. A night without boob-leakage. Love you guys!

9:02 AM  
Blogger dirtyweekender said...

Good luck with your shower, Dave. You can do it!

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Grandma Judy said...

Just remember that it's only a three-hour drive and Grandpa Frank can be back up there! (Schedules look good in print but they don't always work.) I'm willing to share him as long as needed, so long as he comes home and fixes the pool every few weeks, because I will freely admit that I am a really crappy "pool guy". Since BIG BROTHER FRANK can remotely manipulate all the 4 or 5 replay gizzies here at home and he can walk me through any computer problems, Chloe, Polly and I are doing okay. As long as Frankie needs his Grandpa, I'm cool with it; just extremely jealous that I'm not the one that's retired and able to help!

5:34 PM  
Anonymous B,B&C grandma said...

News Flash from OKC: Colton assaults fat lady in Nursery School! He saw she had his favorite snack & went for 'em..she wheeled around in her chair to stop him from spilling the whole box & slid off the chair! Daddy Chris helped the lady up. Lesson to this story: Don't get in his way when it comes to food! Charges pending.....

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Grandma Judy said...

If I didn't know better, I'd think Colton was part Cunningham! Sure am looking forwarding to seeing him and everyone else in Oklahoma at Christmas time but it will be a short trip, since Frankie can't travel, so part of the time will be spent in Austin.

7:05 AM  
Blogger swamp4me said...

Thanks for the "present" from Frankie! He is by computer and is looking at me right now. Yep, I'm in love :)

3:51 PM  

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