Frankie Update

What has been going on with The Frankster? Well, we’ve settled into life without sleep. A life in which a trip to Target to buy toilet paper and diapers is quite a treat. A life filled with Turner Classic Movies (I’m betting that my Trivial Pursuit skills in the “Entertainment” category have improved exponentially in the last month). A life in our living room and kitchen. We’ve finally moved our beautiful, modern glass and chrome coffee table to the corner to make room for a stack of blankets and pillows in the middle of the floor (we don’t have carpet). The cats certainly love it. We’ve just turned the room into a gigantic bed for them. Frankie alternates between the couch, floor and Lazy Boy and our principle duties as parents are: portable crib (he’s happiest sleeping on you), food dispensers and diaper changers. We think he likes us most of the time -- except when he’s screaming or grousing.

Health-wise, we’re doing well, though taking care of Frankie is not without its challenges. His acid reflux is still a serious issue and though he takes Prevacid and Zantac in increasing doses, it doesn’t stop the pain, it just curtails it. He has bouts of discomfort, wailing and other textbook reflux reactions. He could be called “colicky”, that catch all term for babies who experience pain or one variety of another. On the positive side, he is still gaining weight and eating fairly well with few instances of vomiting (though he had an episode the other day that was impressive in both the volume and distance of his stomach’s contents).

Taking care of Frankie can be tough and Dave and I see each other only in passing, it seems. But we both know it won’t be this way forever. Just until he goes to college. But simply looking at his peaceful sleeping face or his wide-eyed stare as he struggles to focus makes it all worthwhile, and we anxiously await the thrill of seeing him become his own person.


Anonymous spencer said...

Thanks for the update and for taking such loving care of our man FDB.

But, hey - no photos since 8/30! Gimme some Frankie!

11:53 AM  
Blogger MommaS said...

Bless your heart(s)! I lived the first 6 weeks of Colton's life much as you describe. I didn't think he'd EVER like me. I promise, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, you probably won't see it, because you'll finally be asleep! It is all worthwhile. I haven't slept the night in 2 years. Sleep is overrated. As for the pillows in the living room, I have the matching set! It's where Colton to this day naps!


6:47 PM  
Blogger lisa said...

Hey! I don't think you would remember me, Dave--I'm Lisa, a friend of Kristin's you met on your folks' boat years ago. Hi Grandpa Frank, Grandma Judy, and Auntie Krissy!! I've never had the pleasure of meeting Anna. Hearty congratulations to you both!!

I wanted to let you know 1. that I've enjoyed your blog (it's scared the shit out of me but also made me wonder about the whole "I'll NEVER have kids" thing), and 2. you're listed on at least one parental/fatherly advice website! Here's a link I found while looking for your blog:


Are y'all marketing, or is it simply too good to not be recognized publicly??

Anyway, congratulations on all Frankie's progress! Happy tidings to you all!


7:45 PM  
Blogger dirtyweekender said...

I got to hang out with Frankie last week and it was so nice. He sacked out, arms above his head (very cute), and let me hold him. He woke up and fussed twice, but as soon as I started talking to him, he stopped and resumed sawing logs. I loves the Frankie.

7:34 AM  
Blogger Silver Zephyr said...

and Frankie luvs the leslie.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Silver Zephyr said...

at your request, spencer, new frankie pics coming soon!

9:46 AM  

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