Frankie's Balloon Obsession

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Or "Boon" as he likes to call it. This past weekend, Frankie and I headed to Houston for the social event of the season, The Official Zuri (3) and Catalina (2) Birthday Party. When we arrived at Momma Gina's house, Zuri gave Frankie a big hug and kiss and Catalina offered him "coffee" in her tea set. Frankie happily obliged but was more interested in one of Zuri's newest presents, a walking, yowling dinosaur. The party was at The Little Gym which was like Gymboree only 10 times better because it was huge and way more dangerous. There was a "swimming pool" of foam blocks to jump into and 8 trampolines lined up to make jumping from one to the other an excersize in disaster and FUN. I think we can tell who had a good time (uh, me)! Despite all this ankle breaking goodness, I could not tear Frankie from the balloons attached to each chair at the table (or the fruit tray). I would get him interested in something for about 4 minutes, turn around and he was dashing towards the balloons, laughing. I didn't think he would make it to the end when he would finally have a balloon to call his own. He even tried yoinking them from a nieghboring party. Thankfully, there were cupcakes, which even the normally cake-shy Frankie was excited about. As you can see, guest of honor Catalina enjoyed hers quite a bit. I think Zuri got the most out of the experience - he was running around like a madman. Frankie and Catalina were maybe a bit intimidated. Either way, we were happy we got to make it! Happy Birthday Miss C and Mr. Z!


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Miss N is much more interested in the red balloon than the moon in _Goodnight Moon_ (for now, at least).


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