Perhaps Basketball Is In Frankie's Future

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At last year's one year check-up, Frankie was off the growth charts -- he was one short little dude. Yesterday, we went in for our two year check-up and the nurse measured him. Then, she came back in and measured him again, proclaiming she was sure it was wrong. But she wasn't - Frankie grew almost five inches this year, putting him solidly in the 50th percentile (meaning 50% of kids his age are shorter and 50% are taller) of height. Way to go, F-man. Maybe one day you'll play basketball yet!


Anonymous maw maw ju ju said...

There ARE some kind of short dudes playing NBA ball and eventho they are few and far between, when a little guy practices everyday and he's only a little over two years old, I'm putting my money on him.
Way to go, Frankie.
Love you,

P.S. I'll keep Carlee & Tressa's basketball net here for you if you'll come back and play with me!

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