Medical Update

Some of you are aware that in the past month Frankie has been tested up and down in an effort to determine why he gets so many respiratory infections. We’ve done blood tests, a cystic fibrosis sweat test, a swallow study and a bronchoscopy. Luckily, everything was negative – the kid is normal. The pediatric pulmonary specialist determined Frankie does have trachealmalasia (a softening of the cartilage of the trachea, otherwise known as “floppy airways”). Basically, in the area where Frankie had his TEF repair, a small fold of skin can easily house errant bacteria, increasing the risk of infections. However, because the case isn’t severe, there’s not much to be done and eventually, as he gets larger, he will likely grow out of it. One thing the doctor did prescribe which has, so far, seemed to help immeasurably was a super dose of antibiotics. I am afraid to jinx us by saying Frankie hasn’t been really sick in a couple months now!


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