Missouri Botanical Gardens

IMG_4196, originally uploaded by silverzephyr.

St. Louisians are proud of these lavish grounds in the south part of the city, near Tower Grove Park (not far from my childhood home). Frankie really enjoyed all the flowers, fountains and feeding the ducks.


Anonymous Holli -St. Louis said...

Did he get to feed the fish too? That's still fun for me and I am 36! I am sorry I missed seeing you guys. :(

8:17 AM  
Anonymous anna said...

he did -- i didn't get any good pictures of that. at first he didn't want to...but then he had a change of heart and send his grandma back for more food three times! -a

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Alex said...

Good picture, and you are both so cute. Johann, finally a foto of you. love alex

3:49 AM  

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