Just another day...

In a scene worthy of a cheesy Hollywood family romantic comedy, Anna attempts to insert glycerin suppository into Frankie’s…ummm…butt after all natural methods of relieving constipation have failed (massage, apple juice, bath with baking soda). Suppository refuses to stay in butt and repeatedly pops back out as Anna screams and pokes it back in while Dave runs around the room laughing uproariously. We hope he doesn’t remember this. The good thing is it worked. Dave reports that output is like “playdoh” later. Frankie much happier overall. No pictures were taken to document this event.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vividly remember our first "shove something up the rear end" experience. after that-i sadi NO MORE. try dark karo in the bottle. i little teaspoon will go a LONG way. but for gods sake try everything but suppositories!

9:28 AM  
Blogger MommaS said...

I am VERY familiar with the suppository drama. Colton tends to constipation. I'm all for the karo syrup. It makes things a bit runny for a couple of diapers, but I think it's preferable to the glycerin. Although now, Colton doesn't even seem to notice if I have to do it!

11:55 AM  
Blogger swamp4me said...

Baking soda bath?? That's a new one for me. Learn something new every day. And it's so reassuring to hear that Dave is being helpful with the down and dirty tasks of parenthood ;)
Frankie is looking simply 'mahvelous' and I'm glad you're getting out more.

6:23 AM  
Blogger Silver Zephyr said...

The baking soda is supposed to "loosen" things but I didn't think it did that much except make Frankie very salty.

5:53 AM  

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