Frankie in Carrier With Mom

Frankie in Carrier With Mom
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We're been going on more and more adventures in the carrier.


Anonymous Scott and Jamie said...

Hi...it's been awhile, and boy has Frankie grown!! Scott has been traveling (he was in Barcelona for a whole week) and things get quite hectic around here. Amazing how two adults are able to make such a difference in the household. Anyway, Frankie is adorable, and those carriers are a life saver. When Scott and I first moved to GA Jonathan was one, and Phillip was ten. We all loved to go hiking so we bought one of the hiking back packs for babies and used it all the time. Scott refuses to get rid of it because of the fond memories and the fact that when we have grandkids(years off I pray) we can pull it back out! So there it is...more than I planned to write, but alas, I do ramble on!
Take care and keep on having fun with that boy!!!

6:16 AM  

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