Mama & Frankie

Mama & Frankie
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You'll notice a little bit of surgical tape residue around Frankie's mouth, and a circular bandage near his temple. The tape residue will wear off in a few days - a baby's skin is too tender to be scrubbed clean. The circular bandage is used to hold a canula (nasal breathing tube) in place. Frankie hasn't needed oxygen for a couple of days, but they leave the bandage on just in case.


Anonymous Grandma Judy said...

What a wonderful sight this is!!! I should have been asleep long ago but I couldn't wait to see this picture, which I was SURE would be on the blog. I love you all so much!

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Grandma Joann said...

My baby holding her baby---what a beautiful site. Love you

7:00 AM  
Anonymous aunt mary ann said...

What a beautiful sight....I have been praying sooo hard for the three of you...Anna & Dave, your baby is so beautiful (oh, I mean handsome)

Love you guys,

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there are no words

9:19 AM  

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