Mystery solved

Anna left the hospital today and saw Frankie for the first time since he was transferred to the NICU at Brackenridge on Thursday. At first glance, he looks a little worse for wear. He has a Broviac catheter in his chest, heplocks in his left foot and right arm, a breathing tube and a feeding tube down his throat, and a blindfold to shield his eyes from the thermal lamp they're using to treat his mild case of jaundice. They're keeping him sedated with morphine, so he's more or less unresponsive to touch, although his fingers close lightly around a finger placed in the palm of his hand. Anna was understandably upset, but once the initial shock wore off and the doctors and nurse answered her questions with overwhelmingly positive responses, she settled down. We spent several hours sitting beside our son, reassuring one another that everything is going to be alright. We both know we're not out of the woods yet, but having Anna home and Frankie stabilized is a damn good first step. She's asleep now, resting well in spite of the stress and pain, thanks in no small part to her new best friend, Darvocet. I'm about to crawl into bed next to her, happy to be back home but wishing Frankie was with us. I'll be counting the hours until he's discharged, which probably won't be until early September. Looks like we're both in for a crash course in the sublime art of patience. Wish us luck.

In other news, I've finally solved the mystery of this "Morris" character. Turns out my friend Yuri, and his wife Michelle and daughter Jordan, sent us an enormous Harry & David gift box (and by box, I mean crate). Apparently, some nurse by the name of Morris signed for it, and since Yuri hadn't heard from us, he was beginning to wonder if it hadn't been hijacked en route to Anna. I should've known.


Blogger dirtyweekender said...

Mom just called me at work. She says she is 'so happy Anna and baby' are well. She wanted me to tell you that (:


2:23 PM  
Blogger dirtyweekender said...

I don't think Mom means to leave Dave out. Dave, she would have expressed the same happiness if it had been you who had the successful c-section.


2:26 PM  
Anonymous Judy B. said...

The past few weeks have had so many highs and lows, it's hard to describe. One of the fun times, however, was watching Anna open the "crate" of boxes from Yuri, Michelle & Jordan. Her face lit up as she opened box after box of goodies, especially when she got to her favorite, the Harry & David special popcorn. She was pretty drugged and I was anxious for her to hurry up and get back into the bed at the time, but it was a fun trip. As always, you guys are great.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Lalee said...

i've been so teary-eyed reading through all this (no internet at home, i'm so behind on this important news!) and just want you to know i'm thrilled anna is home and resting up. seeing little frankie's photos is a joy and i'm just wringing my hands for more info from you. it sounds like you've gotten through the worst parts and now just have a long wait ahead, along with physical recovery for anna.

i will continue sending you the best energy i can brew up, and please know that i'm thinking of you all a tremendous amount.

with much love,

7:30 AM  

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