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You may be wondering -- what is a day like in the life of Franklin Duke Breshears? I present to you, on his behalf, a typical schedule.

5am: Wake up
5-5:15am: Play with feet in bed
5:15-6:30: Play with Mom while Dad sleeps. First floor mat, then progress to “the office”. Bottle.
6:30am: Dad takes over
6:30-8am: The office, swing, floor mat, crib. Repeat if necessary.
8am: “Breakfast” – fruit and oatmeal, bottle.
8:15-3pm: Office, swing, floor mat, crib, outside time. Bang sippy cup against other toys. Scream with delight. Many bottles. Listen to country music (Hank’s Place on XM – no “new” country!). Try to pet cats.
Sometime between 5am – 2pm: Poo
3pm: (Tues-Thurs) Dave leaves for work. Walk with Mom to Wooten or Brentwood Park. Swing. Stare at other children. Fall asleep during walk.
5-6pm: Outside time, read books, bathtime. Dinner – vegetable or fruit and oatmeal.
6-7:30pm: Scream and cry hysterically until falling asleep.
7:30-5: Sleep, awake every two - three hours to eat/scream.


Anonymous spencer katzman said...

What's Frankie's favorite song these days? Has he seen his Mom play guitar?

3:36 PM  
Blogger Silver Zephyr said...

You'll be sprry to hear that Frankie isn't too crazy about jazz. It's too complicated with too many things going on. He perfers the simplicity of country. No, I haven't played for him. I'm not sure I remember how! We'll have to rely on Uncle Spencer to bring his skillz next time he visits. Perhaps he'll enjoy ska?

8:31 AM  

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