Frankie’s 7 month birthday is today! His first tooth is coming in, which causes us all pain and distress. We can see a little white nib developing on his upper left gum. We have yet to find him a teething ring he likes – and I feel like we’ve bought them all. He would rather chew on your finger. I guess it’s just the right consistency, but it won’t be long before that will start to hurt (us)! As you can see, we’re not concerned about his weight in the slightest – he’s a fat little monkey. We’re not sure what the total is, but estimate it is around 18 lbs. He is very close to being able to roll over, but can’t figure out what to do with his arms during the process; otherwise, he has become Mr. Grabby Hands. Developmentally, I think he’s on track with his gestational age (5 ½ months or so). We’re moving slowly with food. Right now bananas and pears have the Frankie seal of approval, while carrots received a yuck face.


Anonymous Grandma Judy & Grandpa Frank said...

What a "chunk". You'd never guess this stocky little guy was a premie. He's so smart and fun to be around!

1:02 PM  

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