Frankie, Malcolm & His New Toy

Frankie & Activity Center 2
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Grandma B bought Frankie an “Activity Center”. His feet don’t quite touch the bottom (we used a stack of books for him to stand on), but he seems to like it, though I think it’s still very overwhelming for him. As you can see, most baby toys double as cat toys. Both Malcolm and Frankie like to play with plastic rings. It’s an addition to what we call “the rotation” – the series of things activities one switches between to keep Frankie constantly amused: play mat, swing, bouncer, book, walk outside, look at mobile in crib, practice standing/baby sit ups, activity center…and back to the beginning.


Anonymous Grandma Judy said...

Happy to see that it fits, except for his "short" legs, of course. Can't wait to get to spend a whole week with him. It will be my happiest vacation ever and it's absolutely FREE!

8:52 AM  

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