Meet The Bedresters - The Series!

We see a lot of TV here and to my disgrace, I’ve found the Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston series both awful and impossible to not watch. There seems to be an influx of new reality shows that pale in comparison (does anyone care about Hulk Hogan for chrissakes?) however, which leads us to believe that overpaid TV execs are simply running out of ideas. So, we decided that we were just as suited to have our own reality show about our trials and tribulations in the hospital as anyone else. It would be incredibly boring, but the repetition would ensure that an excellent drinking game could be created around it. And by excellent, we mean you could get super drunk watching it.

Here are the rules so far:

Frankie’s heart rate drops below 100 and Anna has to be flipped on her side = take a shot

Anna goes to the bathroom = take a drink

Anytime someone tells Anna “Just hang in there!” = take a drink

Nurse takes Anna’s vitals = take a drink

Anna sinks into irreversible depression = pop a Prozac

Dave brings Anna morning latte = take a drink

Every time Anna is told to put Flowtron leggings on = take a drink

Doctor says any sentence including the phrase "holding pattern" = take a shot



Anonymous spencer said...

Blog reader chuckles at the mention of Hurricane Karen = sip of beer

Dave or Anna laugh at, rather than with, Hurricane Karen = 2 sips of beer

Hurricane Karen breaks the news that it turns out Frankie is going to have a twin brother = everyone in the room finishes their drink

2:15 PM  
Blogger MommaS said...

Anyone asks Dave "How are you holding up?" = Take a jello shot

Anna gives Dr. Holdingpattern the glare of malice, take a double shot.

4:25 PM  
Blogger BobDobbs said...

Dave gets on to blog = take a toke of chronic

Fart or other semi-funny body function = shot of vodka and Pedialyte

Dave goes on internal rant about the effects of the medical institutions as related to Foucault or other social theorist = huff some kind of inhalant sprayed onto a rag

Some kind of reference to Anna or Dave's parents and the circle of life = inject some kind of Everclear mixed with Gerbers into your eye

4:49 PM  
Anonymous silverzephyr said...

i don't know about that farting rule. With dave around, players would be at risk for alcohol poisoning.

5:04 PM  

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