Give Me Back My Ribs

Dave’s Mom told us about his rather uncomfortable placement in her belly many moons ago. He’d would apparently crawl up right under her rib cage and sit there, making it hard to breathe and move. She would try to push him down and up he’d go again. Well, as they say, like father, like son. For the past week, Frankie has decided that 1) he prefers the right side of the stomach exclusively and 2) he prefers to sit right underneath my rib cage in the least comfortable spot (for me, anyway) he can find. Trying to push him down results in some squirming and an inevitable migration right back up there. He’s wasting all that nice space on the opposite side. Only two and a half more months of this to go! Eep!


Blogger MommaS said...

Anna, don't know if it'll work for you, but...Colton's favorite place was the exact middle of my back. To get him to move, I'd get on all fours, with my back straight. Arch the back up like a cat, hold for about 10 seconds, then go back to a straight back. Repeat. He'd drop out of his hangout, and stay out of there...at least for a little while.

Good luck!

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