Adios, poker room

For my last birthday, Anna converted the air-conditioned shed in our backyard from a sound-proofed practice space into a poker room, complete with a mini fridge, a TV with a VCR & DVD player, and the requisite print of dogs playing poker. I didn't get many opportunities to play poker in there, but over the past couple of months it has served as a good spot for late-night dissertation writing sessions. As we've converted our spare bedroom into Frankie's room, and the dog's room into an actual office, the poker room has been transformed into a storage shed, housing various pieces of furniture for which we no longer have space inside. Our work on the house is just about finished, and so is my poker room. I suppose I can at least take comfort in the knowledge that my poker playing days were numbered anyway.

Except for the rocking horse that is currently receiving its last coats of paint, and the crib that's still at my parents' house in Houston, Frankie's room is finished. We spent the weekend decorating and reorganizing the rest of the house to make room for the mountain of baby-related paraphernalia we're rapidly accumulating. But for the aforementioned rocking horse, I've just about run out of excuses for putting off work on the diss. I guess it's actually time to start working again. Damn.

Pictures of Frankie's room are forthcoming. Stay tuned.


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