Hello Nursery!

You just can’t imagine the amount of time spent in Home Depot, Lowe’s, Joann Fabric, Hobby Lobby and Target that one little nursery takes. We’re finally done – except for the crib (which we’ll be picking up this weekend!). Shout outs go to Dave’s parents for the drawers, shelves & crib, Anna’s Mom for the desk and everyone for all the adorable baby gifts.

A scene from the doorway. The crib will be placed in this part of the room once we build it. The framed pictures to the right of the window are products of Dave and Anna’s early artistry. You’ll also see Dave’s old kiddie cowboy boots up on the shelf and a rocking horse he sanded and painted over the past two days:

Here’s a close up:

Monkeys! Monkeys! Monkeys!

Here’s a view looking from the far end of the room to the hallway. You can see the picture that our friend Marshall drew for us hanging on the wall. Dave had a very pleasant evening building with Tinker Toys (a present from Anna’s buddy Skye) and came up with the creation on the shelf.

This is the lamp that David had in his nursery when he was a babe.

My Mom got us this vintage “telephone” table in a St Louis antique store. It makes a perfect kid’s desk. Dave plans on stripping and refinishing it. Hey, I just thought of another way for him to avoid writing his dissertation.

This Bulletin Board covers a huge space on the wall. It was Dave’s brilliant idea to use the vintage Hearts cards we bought to make a border. He’s so Martha.

Here’s the bookshelf and above it some scenes from a Curious George book.

These small 3-D scenes were made by Dave’s Mom and appeared in his nursery, too:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The room is completely amazing!! it is beautiful, and I want you to decorate my room for me! I love how much fun it is while being gender neutral at the same time. You are both so creative. it's like "there's plenty of fun to be had without putting me in a box". You two are so talented!

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry, that was from me (Niku)
your fan

8:54 AM  
Anonymous spencer said...

Wait a second - the Tinkertoys were a gift for Dave?

I can't wait until I become a father - I could use some legos and nerf balls.

11:41 AM  
Blogger Silver Zephyr said...

well, someone has a birthday coming up....

7:30 AM  
Blogger dirtyweekender said...

Anna and Dave's early art is my favorite part. Oh, and the monkey line up. And the Hearts cards were super-cute - you can't see them but they have kitties, rabbits with baskets of clovers (my favorites) and monkeys on them.

Anna and Dave give new meaning to 'Pimp my Crib'.

10:56 AM  

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