Frankie Turns Three!

It’s hard to believe Franklin Duke is now three years old. He has an amazing vocabulary (which now includes “testicles” but perhaps that is a story for another entry) and uses it to make word jokes and his own rhymes. He loves to sing, but doesn’t want you to – unless specifically instructed to do so. He still hates whistling. Frankie has had an amazing year, not only because of his advances in language and social skills but because he was rarely sick. His medical issues are well under control, and we now have a pediatrician we truly love.

Frankie’s obsession with balls continues unabated, though it now includes balloons, and he’s added a love of horses to his love of bunnies. He’s a budding chef who loves making smoothies, popsicles, cookies and pasta (with his own set of pots and pans). Right now, he’s completely obsessed with the book “Players in Pigtails” about the first girl’s baseball league and will be sure to tell you that “girls are really good at baseball.”

His 3rd birthday “Chomp and Swim” was a great success and filled with friends and family (including his “best friend” Ava). The day after his birthday, he woke up, looked me in the eye and said, “Licking icing off the baseball guys was the best part.” That’s all a mother ever wants to hear, right? Our theme was, not surprisingly, “sports” and Frankie specially requested the baseball cake.

Maw Maw JoJo took all the pictures so Baba and Dada could concentrate on having fun.


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I can't believe he is so BIG! He is incredibly handsome. I updated our blog, check it out!

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