St. Louis Trip (May 2008)

In May, we took a little trip to St. Louis to see MawMaw JoJo. Highlights for Frankie included the outdoor ball pit at City Museum, a chocolate malt and Crown Candy Kitchen, ice cream at Ted Drewes, the Botanical Gardens and Grant's Farm. City Museum was overrun was bigger kids and was a little too "old" for Frankie, but he stayed in the ball pit for a good hour declaring, over and over again, "Look at all the balls!" There are SO MANY balls!" The Botanical Gardens were more his speed. This time, I was prepared with extra clothes and shoes so he could sit in the fountain with no worries. He smelled and "pet" plants, tried to eat leaves (like a giraffe) and marveled at the scuptures of basketball and baseball players (part of the current Niki installation).

At Grant's Farm (we went with Grandpa Chuck & Laura as well as Tony, Shannon and Nathan), Frankie fed the goats milk and ran around the goat pen giddily, stopping only to declare to me, over and over, "Goats make me happy!" He also pet a turtle, a parrot and an iguana. He let me know that the llamas were stinky. Since then, we've re-enacted the turtle petting over and over with "Hawaii Turtle", a stuffed turtle we bought on vacation last year. Frankie puts the turtle on the floor, lies on the couch about and reaches down to pet the turtle, just like he did at Grant's Farm.

More pictures to come - MawMaw JoJo's were much better than mine...


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