Kick That Ball!

Busy busy busy. That’s our excuse for not updating more often. But seriously, after my crazy work slows down the second week in February, things should be better. Here are some fun Frankie FAQ to keep you amused in the meantime:

1) Frankie’s first sentence: “Kick that ball!” Sometimes it’s the first thing he says in the morning. He is so intensely ball focused that we’re not sure why we have any other toys. Frankie can distinguish between basketballs, footballs, soccer balls and baseballs. He knows that when you thrown down a football, you should wave your arms in the air and cheer for yourself.

2) Upcoming surgery: Due to a frequency of ear infections that puts Frankie in the running for “Ear Infection King”, we’re opting to get the ear tubes. It’s a five-ten minute surgery and we have heard nothing but positive input from other parents and medical authorities. This will happen the first week of March and we really hope it will help. Tests revealed that he does not have any hearing loss as a result of the infections, thankfully.

3) A Walking Fool: Frankie is fully mobile and starting to sharpen his climbing skills. We’re truly frightened.

4) Cat Torturing: The other day, Frankie realized how much fun it was to spin Malcolm around and around on the office chair. I have to admit, it was pretty funny. I think Malcolm secretly enjoyed it, too.

5) Maw Maw: This is Frankie’s word for his Grandma B and G. If you say the word “friend” he always answers with “MawMaw”.

6) No More Baby Food: We are officially done with jars. Frankie's likes and dislikes change on a weekly basis but there have been some constants: cheese, veggie burgers, carrots, peas (“balls” as he refers to them), corn, pasta with pesto (he truly is our son), pork tenderloin (sometimes), ham, bread, mac n’ cheese (Amy’s only…scoffed at my homemade stuff), eggplant parmesan, pickles, popcorn, dried fruit, bananas and of course, chocolate chip cookies. The other day, he and his father shared an ice cream pop and he cried when it was gone. I felt proud – sometimes I want to cry when the ice cream is gone, too.

That’s all I can think of for now. More later.


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