Frankie smells the rosemary


Blogger BobDobbs said...

It inspires suspense (Will the bag be thrown away?), but also causes reflection on our own fragile connection to nature. Truly we are too busy wobbling around on our knees to "smell the rosemary" of life. And yet, Frankie's acting conveys so much more: the delicate thread of our understanding of what is real (similar to the Matrix movies). I give a 4 stars out of five (minus a star for the shaky camerawork) and I anxiously await the sequel.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous maw maw Judy said...

It sure is fun to play this over and over on rainy days. I bet I've watched this clip and the other one at least 200 times. Sure makes my heart happy to get to see him every day, even if it's not in person. Thank you for these.

6:11 PM  

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