A Brief Update...

An update on Frankie’s penis: the bandage glue has all fallen off and everything looks A-OK. We never saw any blood. I had no idea circumcision was such a hotly argued topic. Clearly, there are plenty of “pro” and “con” opinions out there, but this debate seems to generate as much heat as how you “train” your kid to sleep. {As of yet, we are more or less following Dr. Sears “attachment parenting” model (with a few reservations) so, in terms of rest, Frankie calls the shots. We often think of times past when we slept in on the weekends and sigh with longing.} In other news, we have doctor’s appointments tomorrow (about the skin hemangioma) and Friday (with the surgeon), then again next week. Hopefully, we will get an accurate updated weight and can fill you in on the boy’s progress.


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