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Today marks the beginning of our 31st week of pregnancy. Three weeks ago, I'd have been hard pressed to tell you what week we were in; now, I've got it down to the day. I find myself counting the hours from one week to the next. Surprisingly, the time is moving much faster than you'd think. It's a little after 11am, which means we've now been in the hospital 10 full days. We're both going a little stir crazy, but we're also amazed that it's already been that long. Then again, I've got it pretty easy. Anna has endured pokings and proddings, examinations and extractions, and all of the miscellaneous invasions and indignities that go along with intensive medical surveillance. She's been flat on her back 23 hours a day, sensors strapped to her belly, a heplock taped to her left wrist, the Flowtron Excel leg massagers wrapped around her calves. I feel slight pangs of guilt just stepping out of the hospital to pick up our morning coffees. Leaving for more than a couple of hours seems unthinkable, but that's exactly what we have planned for tomorrow. Anna and my sister, Kristin, are spending the morning together, and I'm heading home to take care of the cats, check on the house, and water the plants. Frankly, I'll be surprised if I can stay away for more than an hour.

8:30pm. Our room is never silent. The percussive
thuka-thuka-thuka of Frankie's heartbeat is our constant companion. His presence is not just palpable - it's audible. And we have a new favorite game: Where's Frankie? Every once in a while, his heartbeat disappears from the monitor, and the game is on. I slather conductive jelly on the circular, plastic sensor, then slide it around Anna's belly until the heartbeat reappears. A variation of the game involves Anna flopping from one side to the other in an attempt to jostle Frankie back into position for the monitors to pick him up. It's almost more excitement than we can handle, but we're getting pretty good.

For those of you checking in on us for updates on Anna's condition, I'm happy to report that absolutely nothing has changed. The doctor tells us that Frankie looks great - even better than a lot of the full-term babies they're monitoring. Anna's missing the cats, and the gym, and the sun, and just being vertical for more than an hour a day. But we're both holding up quite well, considering the circumstances. Keep sending us your thoughts and prayers, because it seems to be working.


Blogger MommaS said...

Hey guys, my mom pointed out that I was a 34-35 week baby. She said I was originally due the later part of January, and I was born Dec 14. So see, other that a few odd quirks, (which I'm sure Dave will share with you, Anna), we premies are just as hardy as the next guy. We're just in a hurry. I weighed 5'6, and was a short squirt at 18", but, hey, I made up for it!!


5:14 AM  
Anonymous spencer said...

Heh. I was born two weeks late. My parents even went to see 'the Exorcist' to try to scare me out. Also, things weren't quite so hi-tech with the ultrasound and due to an echoing heartbeat (or should I say Mom's particular reverb) they thought I'd be twins for several weeks. I wonder how that baby blog would have read.

I've had an instrumental song that needs a name for a while - earlier in the week I thought "Flowtron" could do the trick, but since it's kinda bouncy and playful "Where's Frankie" works with the music much better.

7:06 AM  
Blogger swamp4me said...

Glad things are going well. Have fun playing hide-n-seek with Frankie.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Dave's mom, Judy said...

Frank and I (Dave's dad and mom) have been involved with the March of Dimes for years, along with my sister, Debbie, her husband, Russell, and their two children, Carlee & Tressa. MOD has been on a five-year campaign (still in progress) donating all the $$ collected to do research and help develop procedures in NICU's. I found a cool Lance Armstrong-type bracelet @ www.marchofdimes.com for $1 that says "Saving Babies" that I'm ordering for everyone to wear in honor of Frankie. I'll pass them out here and send some to Oklahoma, St. Louis and Austin as soon as I get them. We never realized how much we would appreciate the work done by this organization until now but it sure feels good to have put in all those hours setting up tents and signing up walkers and making baskets to raffle, etc. We helped Frankie before we even knew he was coming! I miss you very much, Anna & Dave! Take care of each other and your Dad.

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Dave & Kristin's mom said...

I miss you, too, Kristin! Keep up the "dessert fairy" work and stay in touch.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Kristin's friend Christa said...

Hi Dave & Anna -

I read your postings daily - in fact - I am a little concerned that there isn't a July 10th post yet??

I am a new mom - and just wanted to let you know that I am cheering for you ALL daily!! I can remember all too well those uncomfortable monitors and the "where's the baby" game, the amazing and not so amazing nurses, the hospital food, the multiple trips to the bathroom, and the c-section. I also clearly remember all of those other things that you aren't "discussing"! Fortunately - the duration of my stay was much less than yours! I am counting the days and weeks with you as little Frankie is growing stronger by the second! Hang in there!

I hear Kristin is the dessert fairy....please tell Anna I can still "taste" the dessert Kristin delivered to me in Houston just after Ty was born - it was a piece of chocolate turtle cheesecake that I was told Anna made! YUM!

I look forward to getting our boys together at the Breshear's pool - and all toasting to our healthy little ones very soon!

6:18 PM  
Blogger dirtyweekender said...

I bet Dave is getting good with the Murad treatments by now, yes? Cleanser, repair cream, moisture, eye balm. Maybe Dave will find his calling in cosmotology and he and Chris can run the Hair and Hooves Salon. Mom will take care of the accounting.

9:25 AM  

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