Fresh Frankie Video: Ramsey Park & Santa Rita

Frankie and I spent the late afternoon at Ramsey Park. We started with a little basketball, which basically involves me pressing his 30+ pounds over my head ten or twenty times before Frankie mercifully decides to play something else.

Frankie's a big fan of the BIG SLIDE at Ramsey Park. The kid has absolutely no fear of heights, and I'm not looking forward to the day that gravity announces its dominion. For now, Frankie's invincible.

Santa Rita isn't the best Mexican food in Austin, but Frankie loves the place, primarily because of this bell, which he loves to "feed" coins, but also because there's a great gelato place right around the corner (his consistent choice: mango & strawberry). They do make a pretty decent margarita, which is their one saving grace. Besides the bell, I mean.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these videos! You can't possibly know how much we miss him...
Maw Maw Ju Ju & Paw Paw Frank

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how many three-year old kids can dribble like Frankie? His obsession with balls may pay off one day!
Maw Maw Ju Ju

8:55 AM  

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