Christmas Morning

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Here's Frankie opening his stocking filled with "Santa" presents. We talked about Santa a little bit and made sure we left him some cookies before going to sleep, but the idea of a dude who brings presents was a hazy concept for Frankie at best. Santa brought Frankie a bag of balloons, playdoh, M n' M's, a Playmobil soccer ball figure with a tiny ball (lost, of course, and probably for the best) and glue sticks (the boy likes glue, what can Santa do?) We were able to spend Christmas day at MawMaw JoJo's house in St. Louis. We drove from Austin to Oklahoma City in one day, saw Great Grandma Ellen and Uncle George and spent the night, then headed to St Louis the next day. Before the trip, I felt immense dread at the prospect of 16 hours in the car with Frankie over a two day period. I figured it would be as close to hell as I had been to date. Shockingly, it wasn't. Frankie was great, except that he wouldn't sleep at all. We stopped frequently, sang quite a bit and I re-enacted a one act play involving monsters walking down a dark alley and getting scared by bunnies...over and over and over again.


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