Frankie's 2nd Birthday at the Lil' Buckaroo Ranch

lil buckaroo, originally uploaded by Critical Mess.

This weekend was one long celebration of Frankie's second birthday. The festivities began Friday morning with a trip to the Lil' Buckaroo Ranch, just west of Austin. Cowboy Jimmy and Cowgirl Miriam welcomed Frankie, MawMaw JuJu and MawMaw JoJo, PawPaw, Aunt Kristin, cousins Carlee & Tressa, and Mom & Dad. Frankie saw miniature horses, a friendly rooster, a bunny rabbit, goats and goldfish, and even got to brush and ride a horse. For the most part, he had a great time, and we'll definitely be making this an annual tradition, at least until he's old enough to have a strong opinion against it.


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