Frankie's Second Easter

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Not surprisingly, everyone bought Frankie easter eggs shaped like balls. And even less surprisingly, he loved them. He took them apart and put them together with intense concentration. Frankie very much understood the concept of the hunt and better yet, the concept of eating things inside the eggs. Towards the end, he figured out he could rattle the egg to see if anything good was left inside. One of our friends, Michelle, was appalled when she realized that Auntie Kristin had placed dried veggies and other healthy items in most of the eggs. But don't worry, Easter purists, he ate his share of chocolate too.


Anonymous Maw Maw Judy said...

He loved the marshmallows...those little tiny pastel ones. He'd never seen them before but thought they were great. If you haven't tried the dried veggies, you don't know what you're missing. Tressa, my niece, went to Austin with us and asked Kristin to make a special trip to the store to get some to bring back to Houston. Dehydrated corn almost tastes like candy. Of course, I know Michele didn't buy that for one minute. Ha.

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