The Longest Year

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year since Frankie’s arrival. His birthday is Friday, July 14th. Our house is messier, our lives busier and more complicated and nothing will even return to what it once was. But we both agree it was the best thing we ever did. We’re still shocked and awed that the two of us could produce a kid as good-looking as Frankie. He is so close to crawling…or just deciding to walk. He moves in ways we are still unclear about. If you leave the room for a minute and return, somehow he’s moved five feet. The other day, I left to use the restroom and heard a toy from his Office playing a familiar tune and repeating “Cat! Gato!” over and over again. This confused me because he wasn’t actually in his Office. I ran to the other room and found him standing up, holding onto the edge of its outer saucer for dear life, pressing the buttons over and over. He learns so incredibly fast it never ceases to amaze and frighten us. He’s turned into a terror inside stores…a bottle of wine and carton of tomatoes gave their lives for Frankie’s amusement this past weekend. Clearly, the destruction could be worse…and we expect it to be.

We will be traveling to Houston on Friday with Grandma Joann to Grandma and Grandpa Frank and Judy’s for the big celebration. I should get some pictures up sometime next week. I’d like to give a shout out to Colton, who’s about to turn two on Friday, as well as my brother, who will be thirty-one. Bastille Day is popular for birthdays in our family, I suppose!


Blogger MommaS said...

You think you're terrified of the learning curve now? Wait until...well, just wait. New phrases in the Key household:

I dumpin' (yes, he means that)
Fat guy on bike
I watchin' that! (Incredibles)
Lost my mind (I ask him that alot!)

He is also the climbingest monkey I've ever seen.

It's been a wild, wonderful, scary, hang-on sort of two years, and I expect it will only get better! We're all in for a lot of fun!

Happy B-day Frankie! I've gotta get your present in the mail!


4:06 AM  
Anonymous spencer said...

I'd agree that it's been the longest year from Frankie's perspective - but it sure went fast to me. It seems like yesterday I was halfway done with graduate school, checking MTB on breaks between classes to read about how you passed the time during bedrest. Now Frankie's standing on his own, and I grew up and got a real job!

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Kim said...

I remember reading (just happened to hit your page) while you were pregnant. The scariest post was when you said he was born. Each post after that was happier and happier! And I've come to want updates on Little Frankie! (Not a stalker, just mesmerized...lol) Congrats on the birthday! Many more!

7:40 AM  
Blogger Aunt "B" said...

Happy Birthday, Frankie! Hang in there guys and cherish all the craziness...I miss it sometimes when I look at Jovi and realize she isn't really all that dependant on me anymore and has become her own being separate from me. Of course, Kenneth says she is just a minny "me" and he is right, everything she does has me (Mom) written all over it! I even noticed the other day that her bath tub routine, thanks to 8 years of sitting on the side of the tub with her feet in my water while I take a bath, is just like mine!!! Isn't that crazy and a little frightening that they observe the littlest details about us and then apply them to their lives! Hang on you two, it only gets better!


12:20 AM  
Anonymous Marshall G said...

A & D congrats on the first year of many happy years with your own little family. Looking forward to reading about more milestones ahead. Happy first, Frankie.

4:11 PM  

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